Grow your own seeds in Egypt

We can plant different kinds of seeds according to the request of each client. This means that we can grow your seeds on our farmlands. By doing it this way, you can get the crops exactly how you want it.

We can custom grow crops from seeds delivered by the customers, in order to get the product in accordance with the international specifications of each country.
Egypt enjoys a very suitable climate and temperature throughout the year, which enables us to cultivate all different kinds of crops. For instance, in Egypt we cultivate potato two times during the year. This made Egypt one of the biggest exporting countries for potato to many markets.

Egypt is the food basket of the Arab nation, due to its special geographic location, and its high quality fertile lands, especially the new agriculture regions.
The new agriculture regions in Egypt is characterized by its large agriculture space. Whereas, one farm space is not less than 5000 hectares, which provides plenty of production together with lower cost.

In addition, the new agriculture lands in Egypt are free from diseases, because they are uncultivated or newly cultivated lands. Which helps producing high quality specifications crops.

Egypt is an agriculture country and about 65% of the population work in the agriculture field.

Eman NabihGrow your own seeds in Egypt