Bell pepper

The Egyptian production of bell pepper is distinguished by its good quality and varieties. There are three different colors of bell pepper, green, yellow and red. These various colored bell peppers come from the same plant, but differ in the level of maturity.

Green, yellow and red Bell pepper are rich with vitamin A, C and beta carotene.

Bell pepper is used as a kind of spices and vegetables. It is good as a Digester and tonic for the digestive juice and has an impact on blood fat and blood vessels tonic.

Bell pepper is among the important crops for export.

Bell pepper has a very high nutritional value than the potato and the tomato, because it contains vitamin C that is also known of resisting flu and influenza diseases.

The material of capsacine is extracted from the bell pepper spicy type, which is used in treating bone pain and also the extract of fluorine that protects teeth from decay.

In addition, the different type of bell pepper is used in the industry of pickles, spicy sauce and it is used also as powder instead of the chili powder as an appetizer.

Bjorn SolstadBell pepper