We export Artichoke

Egypt is among the biggest countries for artichoke export to the international markets like the European market, due to the availability of appropriate climate for the artichoke cultivation in Egypt, excellent quality and varieties of the artichoke products.

The Egyptian artichoke for export is featured of higher production and pristine. In addition to the use of modern technology of the artichoke production development in Egypt, which meets the international markets standards.

Huge efforts have been made by Egyptian scientists in increasing the Egyptian production of artichokes, in relation to new varieties required by many international markets, especially Europe. This is in fact what made Egypt gain an excellent reputation when it comes to the Egyptian artichoke quality and product varieties based on international specifications and standards.

Artichoke is used for the treatment of the most serious diseases which related to the liver and the heart by using the plant extract.

Bjorn SolstadWe export Artichoke