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Peanuts is considered one of the main summer oily crops in the new Egyptian lands, which is often a sandy or light yellow lands that suits the cultivation of peanuts.

Peanuts is one of the important crops for export that is exported yearly of around 35 thousand tons.

Peanuts contains large amounts of vitamins like E and B, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, and fiber.

Despite that peanuts and its butter contain a high proportion of fat for those who eat big proportions, but it is considered a part of a balanced diet that might help in providing what the body needs from the daily needs of the different elements.

The researchers stressed that men, women and children, who eat a daily dose of peanuts and its butter, they manage to access their need of vitamins and nutrients better than those who do not eat it.

Peanuts has an ability to reduce cholesterol because it contains the proportion of unsaturated fats, which helps in reducing cholesterol.

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