Calendula have been used traditionally in cooking and in medicinal herbs. Calendula can be used fresh in salads and soups or dried and used to color cheese or as a replacement for saffron. A yellow dye has been extracted from the Calendula flowers.

Calendula flowers smell like honey and it’s slightly spicy, the flavor of calendula is pleasantly mild and vegetable-sweet.

Calendula has between 12 to 20 kind of plants and the majority of calendula plants origin comes from the Mediterranean basin.

Calendula herbs and plants contain materials that are used in the field of herbal health in the entire world. Calendula herbs is used for anti inflammatory especially for dental diseases.

Calendula oil also is used as treatment for injuries, bruises and insects bites. The herb can be used absolutely as a mouthwash because Calendula herbs contains active substances which helps to kill the bacteria that cause gum infections and tooth decay.

Bjorn SolstadCalendula