Sweet basil herb is a long life plant. The height of basil plant is up to 1 meter, Basil’s papers contain aromatic oil with percentage of 0.25% and up to 0.4%, while it is up to 2 to 3% in its seeds.

Basil aromatic oil is used in aromatherapy and medicine and in the cosmetics industry. In addition, the powder of the basil herb plant is used in popular medicine in the treatment of gastrointestinal.

The herb basil has a sweet, strong aroma and flavor and it gives gorgeous taste when used in cooking, it can be added fresh or as crushed dry basil in making soup, some cooked vegetables, salads, omelets, rice and Pesto sauce for pasta.

There are three main Mediterranean types: sweet, with large green leaves; Greek, with smaller leaves and a peppery undertone; and purple, whose dark leaves have a milder flavor.

Basil is also used in spicing meat , sausages , fish..etc

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