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World class oranges from Egypt

548359848 5739e3e293 m orange Orange for exportEgyptian oranges accounts for a big part of citrus exports to the European and Arab markets.

The orange fruit is one of the best and most dazzling fruits since ancient times. The orange has many medical benefits and contains vitamin C, B1 and B2. It is one of nature’s wonders that not only taste good, but brings a lot of health benefits as well.

Orange is in the forefront of the production of citrus fruits in Egypt, due to the success of its cultivation in planted sandy land and in newly reclaimed land.

There is a big demand for orange fruit for export in the international market.

Orange is harvested during the winter and summer.

Orange products are based on certain industries such as manufacturers of jam, syrup, juice, carbonated water and citric acid, vinegar, essential oils  and pectin.

Different kinds of oranges like normal orange, red orange, Jaffa orange, summer orange and Navel orange all grow in Egypt and can be imported from here.

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