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Egyptian company for trade has been importing agriculture equipment to Egypt since 1990. We are sole agent  and represent well known brands like Kuhn, KRONE, Lely, AVR, Stranden, Arcusin, Perard, Nonati, Gomme and Lemken.

Exporting food is the latest addition to our company.

Our farms are on the finest farmlands and very well managed and cared for. The farmers are like family to us and we have strong relationships with them since many years.

Our farmers plant many different field crops and fruit of the highest quality, which is suitable for export to the European markets, USA, Arab and Gulf countries as well as other markets.

We cultivate crops according to very specific specifications in accordance with the importing client’s own specs. In other words, we can custom grow crops from seeds supplied by the customers.

We succeeded in producing the finest and highest quality crops and we achieved the highest competitive scores comparing to other exporting countries producing the same crops, because our 25 years of experience have given us a lot of knowledge.

Our company has a vast network of participating farms, spread all over Egypt for local sales and export for all kinds of fruit and vegetables with different colors and types. In addition to different kinds of herbs as well.

The size of our network make us succeed in performing with accuracy, and allow us to commit to tight delivery schedules for export.

In addition to the high quality and strict quality assurance, food safety and distinctive specifications, we are defined by our competitive prices, which is a big advantage that makes us export to the majority of the western and Arab countries.

The high quality and the competitive prices is one of the most important elements in export.

In the meantime, one of the main factors that helps in achieving high distinctive profits for the importer, is the product cost, in addition to its quality.

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